Rules for the Guests to know!

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Rules for the Guests to know!

Post  Momo on Mon 1 Nov 2010 - 15:37

Thank you for showing interest in Momos Cafe!
We have just a few guidelines/rules that we'd be happy if you could follow~ <3

1. Please, do not make an account unless you have already been approved and passed the audition!
2. Please, pick a unique nick name to go by, especially if you have a question! That way we don't have to try to reply to you as 'Guest'...Which is what all guests are called. It will save everyone a lot of confusion! <3
3. Please, use respectful language. This means no cursing! Please keep it PG!
4. Rules will be updated and changed as needed!

The audition can be found above in next to the Logout button. ^^ just... look up.. ahahha

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