Join the Cafe with a simple audition~

Remember this group is an AUDITION ONLY group. If you do not audition you will be considerd one of the Cafes loyal fans~ ^^

.We are based in California~

. How would YOU like to be part of a maid/butler Cafe!? Momo Cafe is filled with many cute maids and handsome butlers, And we are always looking for new members. We are based on anime and manga that revolves around. Well maid cafes. BUT WITH A TWIST!! yes we do look cute BUT we sing and dance! But the good thing is you dont HAVE to sing or dance. As long as you are able to create your own character along with its own personality. All you have to do is answer the questions given as if you are your character.

. Teams~

. -Purple: Singing

. -Red: Dancing

. -Pink: Talkers

. -Yellow: Kind

. -Green: Techs.

. 1. What is your name (pick a maid name now)

. 2. How old are you?

. 3.what team are you auditioning for?

. 4. How did you find out about us?

. 5. What can you bring to Momos Cafe?

. 6 why do you want to join?

. 7. Have you ever performed before? (if not what was a very wild day for you?)

. 8. what are your hobbies and interests?

. 9. can you play any instruments?

. 10. are you able to do solos?

. 11. how fast can you get a uniform?

. 12. Are you able to handle leadership positions if you were asked to?

. 13. Are you able to act calmly in a time of stress?

. 14.Do you understand that Momos Cafe does not have a specific location?

. 15. if you found out a week before a performance that you were not able to make it, would you tell a maid leader about it or would you be too embarressed?

. Please send in your audition in video format (it might increase your chances of being accepted) but if you arent able to make your audition in a video. you are able to send your audition in text form. send in all audition stuff to